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Reading List: Short RPGs

A little while back I made a list for myself that others may find slightly useful. Here are some RPGs that I own and haven’t read yet. They’re what I consider to be pretty short. I’d rather play or run a game I know that read a 400-page rulebook of some game I don’t know. But for 20 -100ish pages that’s quick and another system under my belt.

I’ve read parts of all of these but I don’t know the systems well enough. I need to read them cover to cover again. Here are the short games I want to read the whole way through sooner than later.

Crossed out ones are ones I’ve read since writing the list. Page count is approximate.

Feel free to add cool short games you recommend in the comments.

20 pages
Lady Blackbird
Archipelago II
Wilderness of Mirrors

40 pages
Breaking the Ice
Shooting the Moon
Warrior, Rogue & Mage
In A Wicked Age

60 pages
Montsegur 1244
Remember Tomorrow

80 pages
A Dirty World
Hell for Leather
Solar System

100 pages
Storming the Wizard’s Tower

130 pages