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Game-a-Day Fortnight 2016: Closing Ceremony

What a fortnight! Suz and I have played 14 tabletop games over the last two weeks, and written up our impressions.

Just like last year, I’m listing all the games in a single post for easy access.

Thank you for engaging with this series. We’ve heard great comments that this inspired people to play games with their friends – that’s what it’s all about!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these posts and that they’ve sparked your interest in board games and card games or shown you something new to play.

Below is an image gallery that links to each of the Game-a-Day Fortnight posts.

Be sure to check out 2015’s Game-a-Day Fortnight posts as well.

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Game-a-Day Fortnight 2015: Closing Ceremony

Over the last two weeks, Suz and I have played and reviewed 14 board and card games. Thank you for reading, liking and sharing. We hope you’ve enjoyed them, maybe found something new to play, or just rekindled your interest in playing tabletop games.

We were pleased and surprised at the love these posts got. We really appreciate your interest, and with that in mind, we’ll definitely do more posts like these.