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Savage Worlds Race: Satyrs

Savage Worlds again, while I’m on a roll. Here is a race for all you savages out there. Satyrs! But not as you know them. Physically, they’re humanoid goats, not goat-legged humans. In fact, they look exactly like this. In addition, they’re much meaner and gruffer than satyrs are generally thought to be and have a bit of a darker edge – like all fey should!

I created these satyrs to serve as grunts and enforcers for the more important fey in my world, but also as a playable race with adventuring motivation built right in. Also, if you don’t like dwarves, or just want a break from them, these satyrs can fill their role quite easily.


Satyr Concept 2 by aaronsimscompany – click for source

Satyrs are a race of goat-like humanoid fey standing seven or eight feet tall – plus a foot or two of horns – and are covered in short coarse hair ranging from grey to brown with the occasional white or black satyr. Satyrs are tough and lean with strong goat legs with backwards bending knees and hoofed feet, humanoid arms and hands, and the heads of goats, complete with goat ears and eyes and two black backwards curving horns.

Satyrs live anywhere fey make their homes and are often drawn to human towns and cities for work, the nightlife and to observe the alluring humans. When living apart from humans and other fey, satyrs live primarily in mountain ranges, where their physiques allow them to survive and thrive in the harsh conditions.

Satyrs utilise natural caves and rock formations as shelter, and when a satyr population is big enough they even carve these homes out further, establishing permanent settlements. Smaller herds of satyrs are nomadic, generally travelling mountains in search of food.

Food is rarely a problem though, as while satyrs are voracious, they will literally eat anything their hardy teeth can chew through – raw meat and bones, cloth, wood, even leather – though they prefer roots and tough vegetables.

One thing that can keep satyrs closer to plains and lowlands is their great love of wine. They are known as great vintners, fiercely protecting their vineyards and wine making secrets.

Satyrs are a gruff and dour race of fey who work hard at everything they do and pride themselves on their loyalty and commitment. It takes a lot to gain a satyr’s trust and friendship, but those who win one over earn a life-long and fiercely loyal ally.

Satyrs make excellent guards and soldiers and have a reputation as stern creatures – easily angered, but usually able to keep their reactions in check, arresting lawbreakers rather than killing them with their powerful kicks or deadly horns.

In fact, satyrs are driven by an urge to work, getting restless and even more irritable when they have nothing to do. Satyrs often wander from town to town, offering their services to anyone who will have them. Due to this tendency, satyrs can be found almost anywhere, acting as labourers, guards, mercenaries or warriors.

However, when off duty, satyrs play even harder than they work. In fact, the concept of revelling is core to the beliefs and lives of satyrs. Satyrs love drinking, especially wine, and their harsh exteriors soften as soon as they begin to drink. Revelling satyrs laugh hard and easily, bleating loudly and stomping their hooves.

During a revel, satyrs are far less able to keep their emotions under control, and an offended revelling satyr can quickly become a dangerous threat. Satyrs of both sexes – bucks and does – have a great lust for humans, and when in a revel they easily succumb to these urges that they keep suppressed while on duty. Revelling satyrs will almost always approach humans first, but if turned away, they often satisfy their lust with other satyrs, or through fighting, more drink or getting back to hard work.

Children born of unions between satyrs and humans are always the same race as the mother and usually possess some traits of the father – these are only personality traits in satyr children, while human children may also be excessively hairy, or have goat ears, goat eyes or club-feet.

Unfortunate human mothers who have coupled with a satyr may give birth to a goat. If this kid survives the often traumatic birth it usually has a short life, but will be abnormally intelligent. Such mothers and “children” are usually shunned as tainted by the darkest aspects of fey nature. Indeed, human mothers of goats often develop magical abilities after the birth.


Size +1: Satyrs are larger and tougher than humans.

Strong: Satyrs are lean and strong. They start with a d6 Strength attribute instead of a d4.

Horns & Hooves: Satyr horns and hooves each do Str+d6 damage, and the hooves grant +2 to Climb rolls on all but completely sheer surfaces.

Mean: Satyrs are gruff and ill-tempered. Even when revelling, a satyr’s joy can quickly turn to anger. Satyrs like to work hard and play hard, and are even more irritable when they miss out on either. Even on the best days, satyrs are stern folk. All satyrs suffer -2 to Charisma.

Loyal: Satyrs take a long time to trust anyone, but they will never abandon a friend in need if there is any chance of helping them. Satyrs often also work for an authority, and will obey all their laws – at least while on duty.

Revelry: If a satyr is off duty and there is alcohol available he is driven to drink and revel. During such revelry, he has difficulty keeping his emotions under control, is quick to anger if offended, and will lust after humans and satyrs. If turned away, the satyr will likely be angered, turning to more drink, violence or strenuous work.

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