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Game-a-Day Fortnight 2015 – Day 4: Tsuro

Tsuro is another great, fast game. It’s beautiful too, and sort of zen.

You play by placing tiles with paths to follow (anyone touching any of the paths must follow it), flying around and trying not to stray off the board (and lose) or crash into another dragon (both lose).


At first, you just move a little way. Later, when tiles connect up, you’re zooming all over (and hopefully not off) the board. Whoever survives the longest, wins. You’ll always have a winner by the time the tile deck runs out.

I think it’s a better game with more people (can do 2-8 players), as you’re all passing by each other and it can get hectic. It’s a good game when you’ve got 15 minutes – though I find we’ll often want to play two or three times in one sitting 🙂

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Game-a-Day Fortnight 2015 – Day 3: Love Letter

Love Letter, a game everyone should own.11741277_10155898597995608_2730347409736956519_o

Cool little felt bag contains the entire little game and draws interest from even non-gamers. It comes with red cubes for its “token of affection”, but we bought love heart replacements from Very quick, easy, fun deduction game for two to four players.

Get the highest card to win. Usually, though, you win some other way (getting someone to discard the Princess, comparing hands mid-game with the Baron and having the highest card, using the Guard to guess someone’s card, etc.)

Theme-wise, I love this game: the players are suitors to the Princess. You send her love letters through your connections in the palace (the card characters in the game).


Each card is numbered, and the higher numbers are closer to the Princess. The Princess is the highest card (getting your love letter directly into her hand), the Countess is second highest, Guards are the lowliest and furthest away from the Princess. It’s interesting, and fun to roleplay a little. The game has a story in the manual, as does each character. Something lots of games don’t have.

Quick fun in 15 minutes, good opener or closer for a game night.

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Game-a-Day Fortnight 2015 – Day 2: Paperback

Tonight Suz and I played Paperback. I’ve posted before about this great deck building word game, sort of like Scrabble plus Dominion. Easy to get into, loads of variants, lots of replayability.

You never really feel stuck, as it’s always possible to spell *some* word. The trick comes in spelling long/valuable enough words to get more cents (to buy cards) or points (which are needed to win).


There’s heaps of variants included. Even a co-op variant and another where you can show other players your cards and ask for word suggestions. If you use their suggestion, they get a cube they can trade in for one cent.

Everyone starts with the same few letters and some wild cards to get you started making words and buying cards to build your deck. Longer words are worth more cents, letting you buy more letters worth more cents to spell more words worth more cents!

Oh, and the letters have powers, like double word score, draw more cards, stop another player using wilds this round, etc.

It’s a really cool game. Highly recommended.