Arkfall is a rules-light roleplaying game based on World of Dungeons.

The World Ark harvested inhabitants, biomes and shards of reality from countless worlds. Unknown generations ago it crashed, its wreck strewn across a world known to the survivors’ descendants as Arkfall.

The PCs are people of mixed heritage and culture, maybe with a dragon, an ooze and a wind elemental in their family tree, or even a ghost, a robot and a word demon. PCs are bizarre creatures, but so is everyone else.

In this diverse world of countless cultures, the PCs salvage the past, liaise with other cultures, make  a place for themselves, and explore this vast and strange new world.

Download Arkfall (mirror).

Arkfall Quickstart Resources

Here are some resources to help speed things up in Arkfall.

To help players get started super-fast, the Quick & Dirty Heritage Generator randomises and speeds up one of the slower (but fun!) parts of character generation.

Finding Work on Arkfall is a handy one-page reference lets you generate jobs on the fly for the players. It even includes a table for what happens if they don’t take the job.

Download the Quick & Dirty Heritage Generator (mirror).
Download Finding Work on Arkfall (mirror).

ZILLA! – Tales of Destruction, Mayhem & Love

You’re a giant zilla on a city-smashing rampage. Zillas are powerful and hard to kill, but they are prone to becoming enamoured with humans. Will you fight another zilla, escape the city to a better place, smash the city to the ground, or even… find love?

Download ZILLA! and the classic character pack.

“Word of the World” Fantasy Newspaper

Word of the World is a fantasy newspaper full of adventure hooks, rumours and ideas for GMs. It’s just as useful – or even more so – as a player handout. Next time the characters sit down at a tavern tell them that someone’s left a newspaper on their table and that it looks like this – then just hand it to them and let them pick which adventures to go on.

Download Word of the World in parchment version or print-friendly version.

NPC Description Tables

Some handy tables for generating various physical characteristics and behavioural traits of NPCs on the fly or during prep. Choose results or roll once for each column. She didn’t design it to make coherent NPCs by reading across the rows, but I think you can get some pretty interesting ones by doing that too.

When rolling, for the large table roll a d6 twice and check the results in order, or roll two different coloured d6s. For the d8 tables, if you happen to have only a d6 handy you can just use that, as the results that a 7 or 8 would bring can easily be ignored as they are the least common. Also, some results have a few choices, sometimes as opposites or alternatives (hairy/hairless) and sometimes to just give a little more choice (bandaged/stitched). When you get a result like this, choose whichever you like best or whatever seems most appropriate. If you don’t like a result or it doesn’t make sense with something else you’ve already rolled, simply re-roll or choose something else.

Download the NPC Description Tables.

Savage Aspects

Love Aspects from FATE games like Spirit of the Century? Love Savage Worlds? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds with Savage Aspects! This simple supplement is designed to help you incorporate Aspects into Savage Worlds with a minimum of hassle and book-keeping.

Download Savage Aspects.

Hang Ups

Hang Ups is a quick campaign setting idea for use with any system you think matches the feel of the setting. InSpectres, Primetime Adventures, Spirit of the Century, Savage Worlds, or Otherkind Dice would work well. Here’s the elevator pitch:

Emergency services are inundated with calls that they terminate because they appear to be pranks or non-emergencies. Stuff about aliens and werewolves. That kind of thing.

That’s where Hang Ups comes in.

They’re an independent (and not technically legal) group that intercepts these abandoned calls and sifts through them for seeds of truth. Armed with their knowledge of the paranormal, they respond to potentially legitimate calls to help those that the authorities ignore.

Download the Hang Ups one-page flyer.


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