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Game-a-Day Fortnight 2015 – Day 9: Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerûn

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerûn came out this year. Base set was pretty cheap, I think $20, and I’d heard good things about this two-player game collectable dice game, so I picked it up. Hadn’t played it until today. Verdict: pretty fun!

In this game you are warlords opposing each other, sending minions, monsters and adventurers to do your bidding. It’s somewhat like Magic the Gathering in that your monsters are trying to damage the other player, who will use their monsters to block yours and damage you, too.


You start off with just a handful of NPC dice, which you roll to get energy to buy prettier dice representing monsters/characters and spells (or the NPC dice may roll up a pawn character which you can use in battle). Once you’ve bought stuff, it’ll be added to your dice bag later to be drawn out and rolled for battle.

When you roll dice and they turn up as characters you can send them into the field with cool powers. I had a troll that hit hard and could regenerate after being killed. I also had a vampire that healed me when it drained other characters. Suz eventually managed to get enough energy to buy a blue dragon but she never got to use it and it’s scary breath weapon or hard-hitting attacks. Thankfully for me!


We traded blows back and forth… well, forth, really. I was down to one point out of ten while Suz was still at 9. She had kept disabling my troll with spells so it couldn’t attack. Then I finally got my two vampires, a troll, and several NPC pawns all attacking with nothing much on her side to defend. I brought her down to 1 life in that one attack before defeating her with some pawns. It didn’t feel too swingy to me, it felt like a hard-won victory that was tense right up until the last turn, rather than a sudden overpowered roll.

Spells feel like D&D spells. Monster powers feel like monster powers. It was pretty cool, and the card artwork is cool and the custom dice are awesome to look at (with unique dice for each monster/character). Dice Masters is a collectable game, so you can buy expansions with more dice and cards.


If D&D isn’t your thing, there’s Marvel, DC and even Yu-Gi-Oh versions. Apparently they can all be used together, too, so you can have Wolverine fighting a Red Dragon and Batman.

Overall, our first game was fun and interesting. It gave me a good enough idea of the game to be keen to play again with different dice/card combinations to build my own special party of minions!



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