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Game-a-Day Fortnight 2015 – Day 7: Doomtown: Reloaded

Doomtown: Reloaded is a Living Card Game (LCG). That means it’s like a collectable card game (CCG) but the expansions have set cards, not random cards like, say, Magic: The Gathering.

If you’re thinking about getting into an LCG, I’d recommend Shut Up & Sit Down‘s review/overview of the game and the Living Card Game community.


I haven’t played Doomtown much and we were relearning today. I like it, but it takes a bit of time (and the right people and mindset) to get the most fun out of the game. Doomtown is a supernatural Wild West themed LCG similar-ish to Android: Netrunner (which I haven’t played) where you build decks and have shootouts over a town that’s apparently not big enough for the 2-4 of you.

You build decks made of cards representing dudes (people), deeds (properties), goods/gadgets/weapons/spells and actions. You make your custom deck (or, like us so far, construct one of the starter decks listed in the manual) and start the game, placing and moving cards to try to gain more control than your opponents have influence (representing someone getting a more permanent stake in the town and taking control of it, basically).


Shootouts are the most fun part, drawing hands of cards and discarding down to the best poker hand you can make. Best bit is your deck is stacked, so you can make “cheatin’ hands” like the Full House (five fives!) that I won today’s last shootout with. Cards also have powers, so the Law Dogs faction gets things like bonuses when another player plays a cheatin’ hand. Being the nefarious Sloane Gang, I got some bonuses for cheating. Pretty cool. Shootouts also feel pretty fast and brutal, with some surprising turnabouts at times.


Issues we’ve had with the game are the not-that-intuitive movement rules and some of the not-entirely-explanatory card rules text. Doomtown does have a learning curve (I can’t say I’m past it yet – too few games and far between) but the fun is there, just not always immediately accessible. My brother and I played for hours one afternoon as I introduced it to him and had great fun! I’m looking forward to more plays of it.



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