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Arkfall Quickstart Resources to Celebrate New Game Day

Today is 2/2 and is the very first New Game Day. In honour if this celebration, I’ve released some quick-start and quick-play resources for my new rules-light science-fantasy game – Arkfall. If you’re looking for a new game, Arkfall is one you can get for free and play immediately.

Want to know more about Arkfall? Check out my original Arkfall post, or just download Arkfall for free.

To help players get started super-fast, I’ve made the Quick & Dirty Heritage Generator which randomises and speeds up one of the slower (but fun!) parts of character generation.

And for the GMs, Finding Work on Arkfall is a handy one-page reference lets you generate jobs on the fly for the players. It even includes a table for what happens if they don’t take the job.

Here are some Google Drive mirrors if any of the above links don’t work (and these following links will always be up to date, thanks to Google’s re vision system:



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4 thoughts on “Arkfall Quickstart Resources to Celebrate New Game Day

  1. hey, I see that you haven’t posted in nearly two years; is it too late to point out your download links (and intra-blog links) are dead?

    all the download links are in this format:

    and manual links to articles like: (found in )
    can’t be migrated by the reader to the new locations like:
    as the reader can’t just swap domain names, you’d need to know the date of the article you haven’t seen yet.

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    1. Hi Xander. Thanks for that. I’ll look into fixing them over the holidays. I may post here occasionally still and at least want it to work as an archive. What drew you to the site? Anything I can get for you that’s buried in a dead link? Cheers.


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