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City of Steel: Coinage of Crenmar

Crenmar – the City of Steel – mints its own coins, which are used in the city, all over the Sequesterd Sea region, and beyond. Crenmar’s currencies are as follows:

Fonts are gold pieces, bearing on one side the face of Clint Fontaine in profile, the first person to discover resources in Crenmar. On the other side is a depiction of Fontaine Hill, the first mining camp in the city. Fonts are accepted in most middle- or upper-class places in Crenmar, but stars are often preferred. One font is worth ten stars or one hundred picks.

Stars are silver pieces, bearing a five-pointed star on one side, representing Crenmar’s founding members. It is joked that these are the only stars one is ever likely to see in Crenmar, due to the smog blacking out the sky. On the other side of the silver piece is a depiction of the Crenmarian Mint. Stars are the standard unit of trade in Crenmar, and are more widely accepted than fonts. One star is worth ten picks.

Picks are copper pieces, pressed with an anvil on one side and a crossed pickaxe and hammer on the other, the symbol of the city of Crenmar.



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