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Setting: City of Steel

Crenmar is a city of danger, wonder, greed and industry. The city is the leader in Storvia’s iron and steel mining and manufacture industries, as well as being very progressive in the field of clockwork, possessing its own mint and being home to one of Gahn’s largest banks.

Coupled with its impressive industrial achievements, the Rhodoran city-state’s prime location on the coast of the Sequestered Sea and the Golden Road intercontinental trade path secures its position as one of the largest trading nations in the world.

Thanks to the sprawling catacombs beneath the city, Crenmar also draws its fair share of scholars, explorers and the followers of the occult who flock to the city to investigate its relics, ruins and archaeological mysteries, inadvertently uncovered in the day-to-day work of the city’s miners.

Crenmar’s hundreds of miners are vital to the city’s prosperousness and many spend weeks at a time underground, breathing recycled air pumped in by complicated and expensive machinery. When shifts finally end, labourers come flooding out of the earth to pour their hard earned coin back into Crenmar through its taverns, drug lounges, brothels, strip clubs, gambling halls and other dens of vice.

Like any large settlement, Crenmar has its unsavoury and criminal elements. It is infamous for its dozens of gangs – some brutal mobs of murderous thugs, and some little more than groups of scared children. Crenmar’s poorer and less fortunate districts are particularly plagued by this scourge, but the gangs are many and widespread, fighting for control of territory across more than half of the city.

Crenmar’s merchant-class nobility and mine manager council represent some of the city’s hidden dangers, with backstabbing and intrigue commonplace as long as there is coin to be made. Guards are often hindered by selfish laws put in place to benefit greedy council members, and even officers who aren’t in the pocket of a merchant, mine manager or gang may find themselves bending or breaking the law to see justice done.

Famously, rumours persist of a highly-organised thieves’ guild operating in and around Crenmar. If the whispers are to be believed, these so-called Caretakers controls several of the city’s gangs, has guild members and allies in public office, and manipulates an untold number of businesses from its place in the shadows. If such an organisation does indeed exist, is it more influential than all of Crenmar’s gangs combined, and that should be enough to terrify anyone who dares cross the Caretakers.



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