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Swift – God of the Moment

SwiftHoly Symbol of Swift

God of the Moment, Lord of Now
God of wit, swift action, living in the moment
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Liberation, Luck, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Dagger

Hearing and deftly catching an unexpected projectile, responding spontaneously with a perfect witty retort, making a split-second decision and running with it to success – these are all times when Swift is with us. God of the Moment, Swift favours those who live and act in the now, not fretting, second-guessing and missing opportunities due to hesitation. It is Swift’s followers who most often make literal leaps of faith.

Swift has a simple outlook and discourages over thinking. His followers espouse the belief that the simplest answer is often the correct one. His doctrine is not lengthy or rambling; it is to the point like all of his teachings. Known as The Only Rules, the doctrine of the God of the Moment says to ‘trust your gut’, ‘seize the moment’ and ‘live in the now’. He asks little more of his worshipers than to follow and live by these rules, thanking him with spontaneous gifts when doing so benefits them.

Swift has no temples or shrines – or perhaps it should be said that he has an endless number. Followers of the God of the Moment who seek Swift’s aid simply utter The Only Rules as they follow them. When things go their way they sometimes scrawl Swift’s symbol on any available surface – in condensation from a mug of ale, with blood on a wall, or just with a foot in the dirt. It is a simple symbol, befitting the god and can be scribed with haste, drawing a quick zig-zag slashed with a single line separating the peaks and troughs. Swift’s followers do not contemplate the symbol in great depth, but most believe it represents the ups and downs and the many moments of life to be seized and lived.

Daggers are Swift’s favoured weapons due to their simple yet versatile nature, able to be used for slashing, stabbing, gouging, sawing and even throwing. He who wields a dagger or two can react instantly to any threat of violence. His followers also favour loose fitting garments that allow freedom of movement, portable food and drink, and temporary accommodation that allows them to come and go on a whim.

Swift’s worshippers are often terse or quick-witted when speaking and seldom labour the point or dwell on one topic for very long. Despite this, they are not all erratic flitting butterflies. Many live in the moment by savouring the now, tasting each morsel of food while watching the other tavern patrons, or sitting peacefully under a tree and enjoying every second of watching the clouds in their ever-shifting forms.

Many of Swift’s followers are beggars and the down-trodden, never sure of where their next meal is coming from, living every moment of their uncertain lives like it could be their last. Thieves just as commonly worship Swift, as they are often on the run and must live by their wits to survive, make snap decisions and throw themselves into danger with no assurance of survival. Thieves whisper to Swift as they pray that their timing is just right to rob a joint, take a mark, cut a purse or pick a pocket.

Swift is a subtle god who shows few overt signs. Instead, he offers opportunities for the quick and spontaneous. Hearing the snap of a crossbow string just in time to drop to the ground, sudden inspiration of just the right thing to say to the beautiful stranger or looming guardsman, the perfect distraction that lasts but a few seconds, a momentary setback for a foe who had the upper hand – these are the ways in which Swift shows his favour. However, they are fleeting and if the opportunity is missed or passed up, there are no second chances.

Similarly, those who wrong or anger Swift will feel his retribution in short sharp stings. Sudden disaster or ruin are the most common ways that Swift dishes out his wrath, often using someone who is living more in the moment than the victim to deliver this punishment. A successful venture unexpectedly falls through, a weapon jams or slips in the wielder’s grip, hesitation leads to greater trouble or makes things worse, someone else reacts quicker and gets the prize, the glory or the freedom – when such woes befall us, it is Swift’s hand that strikes.

(Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)



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